Felicity quits team arrow fanfiction

Just as Laurel was about to speak, Licity's computers beeped and we all rushed into action, Diggle stayed behind to provide support from here and the rest of us so Thea, Oliver, Laurel, Sara and I all rushed into action and made our way to the scene. After we took down the suspect we dropped them all off at the side entrance of the SCPD Headquarters for Captain Lance and he thanked us before we headed back to the foundary.

We entered the foundary and as I approached the last step Dig shouted me. I walked over to him and grabbed my phone before sending a little thank you his way. I clicked 'call back' and held the phone to my ear as i walked over to the armoury.

After the second ring, she answered the phone. She laughs and then hangs up, i put my phone back into my pocket before looking to see everyone staring at me, i look at them and then Oliver speaks clearing all tension. She will be back tomorrow no doubt about that".

I grab my signature red zip up hoodie and slide it on. I walk into where we change and i grab my duffel bag and then i walk out the room. Thea approaches me and she hugs me tightly, before speaking to me. I walk out the foundary and walk a full block to my car, well Felicity's car that i have borrowed for the day. It was easier to use hers because it was parked behind my car and so it was easier to get out and mine would have created too much noise and probably would have woke her up. It didn't matter we practically had the same cars anyway just hers was black and quieter and mine was red and very loud because i like loud cars.

I get in the car and start it up; i pull away from my parking spot and start to drive to Big Belly Burger. I go through the drive-thru and get our orders before I drive back to Felicity's house. She is VP of the company thanks to Ray and she has the biggest support group ever, everybody loves little Daniel, her 3 year old son. Everybody loves the little monster and i love him an awful lot, he's energetic, he loves all the superhero things and he knows about what we all do.

Anyway back to Felicity, her life is amazing, she has Daniel, Support, a great job and an unreal house that Ray went halves with her for. I practically live with Felicity and she appreciates all i do for her. Truth is i dont know where i would be without her. I pull up and park the car before i get out and grab the meals i had just bought. It was only 6 so i know that Dan would still be up for at least another half hour.The Foundry was a cold place, even with everyone who helped keeping Starling City save present and accounted for.

But tonight, when Oliver walked down the metal stairs into the open space in the basement below the nightclub, it seemed even colder. The computers Felicity set up for them were running on their own, something he didn't like. He preferred having the cheerful blonde sitting in front of the screens, wearing a dress in some bold color that never failed to bring life into this drab place. Her babbling filling the silence, making everyone smile due to the fact she made an innuendo and then tried to fix it but instead made everything even worse.

But Felicity wasn't in the Foundry tonight. She was out there, in the city, having dinner with someone.

Here's Why You Won't Be Seeing Felicity Smoak in the Final Season of 'Arrow'

She was vague when she talked about it and Oliver had a feeling she was uncomfortable for some reason. But he didn't press the matter.

It took Oliver several moments to realize the quiet hum of the computers wasn't the only noise he could hear. It wasn't like him to be so distracted and not aware of his surroundings, not since the island where he literally had to fight for his life.

There was a small bathroom in the back of the Foundry that was put in good use after the training or particularly difficult mission of saving the city from the worst of their population.

And right now someone was using it. It wasn't difficult for Oliver to realize who it is, seeing as only four people know about this place and have access to it.

So the process of elimination was a really short one.

felicity quits team arrow fanfiction

Suddenly the computer beeped and Oliver looked around before sighing. His first instinct was to look for Felicity, let her take the lead when it comes to technology. She was their expert after all. But she wasn't there. It was easier said than done, because Felicity was a genius and she set up a search algorithm to look for any connections in a series of disappearing that plagued Starling City in the last week.

So far the police had no luck finding any evidence or connections between men that were taken. That was when detective Lance let it slip to his daughter they could use some help. Some green help. So here he was, looking at the screen in hope of figuring out what all those information meant, and coming up empty-handed.

Felicity was in the restaurant, enjoying a delicious meal and good company, when her phone chimed. Usually she would let it go to voicemail during evenings like these, but she suspected the search she set up found something. Or she hoped anyway. Because the other option would just be plain cruelty. He said there can never be anything more between them than friendship.Prompt: Oliver doesn't have his balls chopped off in 5x10 when Felicity undermines him three times.

felicity quits team arrow fanfiction

Oliver Queen understood what it was like to lose someone, to let the grief over their death affect your work. He had had it happen himself on several occasions. But he had done his best to push forward when action was needed and ignore his desire to let his emotions rule him. Even after nearly a decade, Slade Wilson's philosophies still held true for him in certain arenas.

Allowing your emotions to cloud your judgment could get your people hurt or even killed. Yet after nearly five years, Felicity Smoak had yet to learn this. It was something Oliver learned the hard way in the aftermath of the reveal about the fact the Laurel they had just sent away to an A.

As stated previously, Oliver knew that it was best to not let his emotions cloud his judgment, to push past that during the mission. But the mission was over, and he had called a team meeting.

Felicity Smoak

He was standing, looking at the assorted costumes of his original team, which were almost a mockery now when he thought over the past few months. Felicity was icing her hand, Rory was looking a bit subdued he had been taken down by Prometheus before he even realized the man was there and while Curtis and Rene were in good spirits, those were dampened by the tense atmosphere that had been permeating the Bunker since they had returned.

Oliver turned from the suits of his previous team to look at the new team, the only veteran being Felicity. You're out. You can't be trusted to keep your emotions in check. You undermined my authority repeatedly, and I can't have that. Not anymore. Prometheus is too dangerous for me to have a loose cannon on my team, and as much as Rene might fit that bill… he knows when to buckle down and get serious.

You don't. I saw what you did. You pushed her to the point where she decided that she wouldn't be able to make a better choice. I was getting to her until you let your emotions get the better of you.Never Leave Me.

Both Diggle and Felicity had heard Oliver before he even enter through the side entrance. His bike came to skidding halt right outside the door and he punched the code in with so much force, that Diggle commented to Felicity about having to bulk order the keypads for the doors in the future. Oliver only responded by turning and glaring at him for moment before turning back to Felicity.

felicity quits team arrow fanfiction

Felicity continued to type for moment before she answered and as she did, her fingers never stopped flying over the keys and her eyes never left the computer screens. Whatever she was working was important enough to have her full attention and Oliver didn't like it.

After a brief moment to collect himself, Oliver looked back down at her, her eyes still fixated on the screens as they flash from monitor to monitor when needed. He growling at Felicity. Felicity's fingers stopped flying over the key board, but her eyes still did not leave the screens, as she spoke.

It had to be done. You were busy, so Dig and I-". This time with a look that would have killed the man before Oliver even turned around. Thankfully, looks don't kill, but Oliver's weren't that far from it.

Diggle sighed, he had been hoping Felicity wouldn't bring up his name up, because now she wasn't the only one in trouble. All Diggle could do was hold up his hands in defense for moment and lower them as he was about to speak, watching as Oliver took a few steps towards him.

Diggle quickly looked at Felicity, who had used the moment to her advantage, turning her full attention back to the key board and screens.

felicity quits team arrow fanfiction

I couldn't talk her out of going to the Island to find you. This was no different. Diggle got to his feet and Oliver straightened up slightly ready for anything. Diggle saw him do so and scoff under his breath. In fact she going to kill him for it, but the pair both needed to talk.

We just have to be there if she falls. We were lucky nothing happen today- And I know that there's no excuse we could come up with that's going to be enough to convince you what we did was not dangerous, because it was, but I'll be dammed as hell if I was going to let her go on her own You two need to talk, so you both can yell at me tomorrow, if you still want too.

And with that Diggle turned, grabbed his coat and headed up the stairs and was gone before Felicity had the chance to yell at him to leaving her alone with an extremely angry Oliver Queen. Still alive. Oliver narrowed his eyes and moved towards her, finally having enough of the computers getting all her attention and Felicity trying to avoid the topic, Oliver grabbed her arm and turned the chair around so she facing him, making Felicity let out a small cry of shock as he did.

Oliver leaned towards her, placed on hand on the top of the chair and stared into her eyes as he pointed his finger at her. You could have gotten yourself killed. You walked right into Victor Malone's house.Dear Readers! Another Olicity from me. I need a break from my original story once in a while. I'm considering to publish a song fic about that so please, let me know if you're interested, or not.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy :. Please, let me know if you'd like the next chapter to be from Oliver's, or Felicity's point of view? Thank you for the help! Instinctly, I look around to see if everything was in place, checking for the slightest sign of danger but all seemed to be as calm as ever, except for the fact that the one sitting in front of the computer screens wasn't the woman who I expected but my more well-toned partner, Diggles.

What could have possibly happened? Did she need a latte so she ran out to get one, and left a message as well, or what? I told her to be sharp for godsake, no time for games now. I was just staring at it, getting confused. She would have never left her phone anywhere on purpose What if she was taken? What if someone hurt her, and I wasn't here? What if What if she's dead already? He pushed a button on the keyboard, and there she was, Felicity looking as all over the place as ever, except for the haunted look on her face, some untouchable sadness behind those glasses.

That's not even the point And I'm rambling again From things You know what things mean, like anything and everything, and if Oliver could go back to the island and leave us here, dealing with the broken city then I think I deserve a vacation as well, so that's what I'm going to do I'm going on a vacation," Felicity nodded, more to convince herself than whoever watches this message.

I'm going away for a while because I need some time for myself Don't look for me, I don't want you to, so respect that, and just don't try to find me," she finished way less confident than as she started this whole little speech, her voice became small as if she was just a little girl. Actually, don't do that when I'm there either because that would be aweful, if any of you died, and What is wrong with this woman?

I wasn't on a vacation on the island, it was my chosen solitary after my best friend died in my arms, and half of the city was destroyed, and thousands of people died, all because of me.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". We all know Oliver is probably going to take it in silent. This fanfic is about Felicity not taking it anymore and tell them like it is.

Six months into their blissful life together, Oliver proposes. The next day, Felicity is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Felicity faces off with a formidable foe, both known and unknown to her. As the lives of all those she loves are endangered, Felicity begins to question her future with Oliver. During the summer between seasons two and three, Oliver and Felicity are attempting to navigate their new status post-fake but not actually fake I love you's, and a kiss that may or may not have meant everything.

Or: What would have been different for Oliver and Felicity if that summer had been about both of them truly coming to terms with what they meant to each other. How he reacts, and how Felicity responds to his actions, shape the future of their relationship.

Alright this was originally written as a Tumblr prompt by the amazing geniewithwifi for the father's day challenge. So I posted it on Fanfiction. Oliver Queen reflects on this 21st fathers day about the moments that led him to this moment. After that that we tell various stories about the Queen family 28 chapters in all. Oliver and Felicity are on the road enjoying their life together, but at home, The Diggles, Thea and Laurel are all grappling with the aftermath of a disastrous year.

What does it take to finally bring Oliver and Felicity home? What if your world was silent, unless you happened to be in the same vicinity as that one special person who you love more than anyone on earth? Written by luvtheheaven with a lot of inspiration and brainstorming help from litrawho also brought this world to life in audio form. Thea and Felicity are best friends but their friendship is put to the test when Thea's older brother, Oliver, discovers he has feelings for Felicity.

Not good at summaries, Someone from Felicity's past comes back, but that person is also from Oliver's and Sara's past. How will that affect our team arrow? Things go boom in the Starling City Hall, then within the team. Diggle and Oliver deals with the fallout. Oliver's having Deja Vu, Verdant is under attack again and is about to be set on fireFelicity is at Verdant on a night out with her best friend who decides it's about time that Oliver heard about a secret that Felicity's been keeping from him.

Queen ," Lindsey spat out, venom practically seeping from her words. Is it October yet? Anyways, I was and still am a little annoyed by how the whole Felicity becomes Oliver's EA thing was played out.

Yes, she gave him a piece of her mind in Ep 2, but that was basically it right? The topic wasn't really broached again, which is why I'm doing it here. Giving Oliver a much needed reality check and maybe some stuff to consider.

Oliver and Felicity [7x18] "Precious cargo"

This was supposed to be a completely different story but it turned into this. Hope you like it. Oh and btw, I started writing the original idea before the S2 finale so I didn't include the Thea storyline with her being away and all that.

She stayed in Starling and is still with Roy in this story. No Copyright infringement intended. Felicity Smoak leaned back in her lounge chair, enjoying the alcohol swirling over her tongue, surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere in the recently opened lounge section of Verdant called 'Serena'.

After Slade had left a path of destruction running through the entire city, Thea had once again taken charge in rebuilding Verdant but not without extending the night club by a new section. Under Oliver's watchful eyes, the club had added a new room that could either be completely closed off from the rest of the club to preserve the relaxed ambiance, or used as an extension of the club by adding another dance floor if need be.

Felicity had helped Thea with the planning of the renovations, as well as helping her with finding an additional club manager to give her a breather from time to time.

Between that and getting not only Team Arrow but also Oliver as the CEO of Queen Consolidated back on track, she barely managed to get more than five hours of sleep every night.

Tonight, though, she finally had a night off. Sunday nights were QC, club business and, most importantly, Arrow free nights. A fact she'd fought for with the rest of Team Arrow. She'd finally won them over read: annoyed them long enough by showing them a lengthy PowerPoint presentation that showcased crime statistics for Starling City for the past twenty years, depicting a clear trend that on Sunday nights crime rates were lower than on all other nights of the week.

Diggle was quick to support her in her endeavor and finally Oliver had budged and agreed to give them all a day off but not without the condition to monitor crime stats to react properly if they started to rise again and being "on-call" if an imminent threat came along. Felicity choked on the sip of Martini she'd just taken. Her eyes wide, she looked up at her friend through her glasses.

Taking in her reaction, her friend Lindsey leaned back with a self-satisfied grin. Lindsey narrowed her eyes. Felicity took the phone and almost dropped it. The brightly lit screen showed the familiar suit clad back of Oliver Queen turned away from the camera, but not enough to hide his face. An also very familiar pair of bare legs wrapped around his waist, high heel clad feet locked at the ankles. Her eyes drifted up over the broad set of shoulders, hidden under his designer suit jacket.

The fingertips of his right hand are lightly pressed into the woman's blonde locks between her ear and temple. The rest of his hand cupping her cheek just next to where his mouth is apparently devouring the blonde's lips. But Felicity knows better, because it's not just some random blonde, it's her. It's her wrapped tightly around his taut, muscled body.

Team Arrow

Her heels digging into his ass. Her back pressed into the cold stone wall. I thought you knew it was me? Her best friend had the decency to look slightly contrite.

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